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Emily & The Faves (Emily from Stealing Sheep's other great band!)
Tom Paley
Breathe Out
Sean Forbes (Rough Trade) - DJ Set
Godsy AKA Cherrystones (Brutal/NTS Radio) - DJ Set
Gary The Tall (NTS Radio/Restless Gesture) - DJ Set

All proceeds from this show will be donated to Oxjam.

Thursday 4th October 2012
7:30pm - 12:00am

£7 / £5 advance

Tickets are available from

The Shacklewell Arms
71 Shacklewell Lane
E8 2EB

▲ Emily & The Faves

Emily Lansley from Stealing Sheep is bringing her other brilliant band Emily and The Faves down to the Shacklewell Arms to play at this very special show, to help us raise lots of money for Oxfam.

On electric guitar and vocals is song writer, artist and quirky front girl, Emily. Her Faves on kooky drums and bass supply the backbones to her catchy psych-pop melody frilled songs in a heady 60's mix up.

'In many ways a classic Mersey band but their knack for crafting wildly fresh psychedelic pop means they stand head and shoulders above tired revivalists.' - Peter Guy ' Liverpool Sound City 2011: Top 10 locals'

'If you have to have a signpost, think the quaint eccentricity of Stina Nordenstam meeting the quirkier end of the 1975-1976 New York scene – you know, Charles Dodgson’s Alice In Wonderland fronting early Talking Heads. Emily's fabulously non-conformist guitar playing ... and her simultaneously innocent and knowing voice and strangely affecting lyrics seal the deal.' - Paul Simpson / Wild Swans and The Teardrop Explodes

'Emily and the Faves' solid indie-pop is reminiscent of the brief early 1990s period when Belly, The Breeders and Lush dominated indie music. Led by Emily’s heavily reverbed guitar, and the bands dexterous unison guitar-bass riffs and strong harmonies. The Faves could be genuine contenders.' - Richard Lewis, NERVE magazine

'Fabulous songs walk a tightrope between driving post punk minimalism and beautifully crafted other worldliness. A band to be cherished and unique on a worls scale' - Barry Sutton, liverpool. com magazine

'Gorgeously honeycombed treats braided by all manner of lysergic jangles, summer breezed lazy lilts, cutely attractive hooks cut with a deliriously off set dizziness. - Mark Barton, losingtoday. com

▲ Tom Paley

Tom Paley was there at the beginning, finger picking his old Martin in Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village, and taking the gospel of old-time country guitar and banjo around the States with the New Lost City Ramblers.

Dave Van Ronk, subject of an upcoming Coen Brothers film, wrote in The Mayor of MacDougal Street - A Memoir (Da Capo, 2005): "…I happened to be walking across Washington Square Park of a Sunday afternoon, and I noticed this guy playing an old New York Martin, a very small, very sweet guitar. It immediately grabbed my attention, because he was doing the whole thing by himself...That was Tom Paley…I rushed home to my guitar and went to work...Paley had provided the key, but mastering the technique took time."

With typical modesty Tom remembers Bob Dylan "...listened to the New Lost City Ramblers quite a bit." For Bob, coming across Paley was a more significant moment. He recounts in Chronicles (Simon & Schuster, 2004) how "Everything about them appealed to me - their style, their singing, their sound. I liked the way they looked, the way they dressed and I especially liked their name. Their songs ran the gamut in styles, everything from mountain ballads to fiddle tunes and railroad Blues. All their songs vibrated with some dizzy, portentous truth...For me, they had originality in spades, were men of mystery on all counts. I couldn't listen to them enough."

Tom tells of his impact on two other icons of American music in equally self-effacing style: "I was playing out at the Ash Grove in Los Angeles and...this young fellow came along and said he'd like to have some lessons in playing the blues, and although I wasn't really a specialist in the blues...anyway, it was Ry Cooder, so I gave him a few lessons." Ry introduced Tom to another young and up and coming folky: "One time he brought Jerry Garcia along and he wanted some lessons on the banjo...". Ry later admitted that the banjo chords he'd watched Tom teaching Jerry formed the basis of his open tuning guitar playing.

“Tom Paley remains a classic musician to this day” - Max Reinhardt, Late Junction
"This dude is really old-school Americana" - Huey Morgan, BBC 6 Music
“Paley shows he can still strut his stuff” - Daily Telegraph
“Paley’s time is coming at last” - The Times
“One of the grand old men of folk music” - The Guardian
“They don’t come more authentic than Paley” - The Sunday Times
“This is old-time music at its best” - London Evening Standard

▲ Breathe Out

Breathe Out is Alex Clegg, James Goodhead, Nick Shaw and Stuart Dando. They live in East London and are much loved by Jon Hillcock of New Noise and BBC 6 Music.

So far Breathe Out have released a self-titled EP on Art Is Hard Records and 'Champion' through their own label, Soundsavers.

‘Champion’ greets us with a lo-fi haze of swirling retro guitars and swooning vocals, immediately it’s easy to see how the band are drawing the inevitable comparisons with Yuck. However, after several listens, more and more layers to their sound are revealed, there are hints of Rivers Cuomo’s barbershop sharp tones in the dreamy ‘woos’ and the unmistakable snarl of Thurston Moore’s guitar applied liberally throughout. The hazy, nostalgic melodies don’t stop there though, we detect a strong air of Tame Impala’s laidback, gooey psychedelic rhythms on B-side ‘Cut Out And Keep’, ensuring you’ll be back for repeated listens over and over again. - abacuspost. com

▲ Cherrystones

Cherrystones's manifesto is to get people to dance and have a good time.

With his distinctive ability to blend Italian film soundtracks, garage fuzz, krautrock and punk and translate them into a hip-hop context, Cherrystones is London's best-kept secret!

'Everything is done in the moment to create and capture a mood! For me genre is pointless - I like too many things! Music and sounds are as food to me I have specific favourites but do not wish to eat the same meal everyday - although I do have signature dishes.

I'd rather live in the moment than miss the chance looking for a future that is already happening and in motion - less is more, more or less - you follow?

Spirit & integrity combined are things that excite me - FEEL rather than felt.' - Cherrystones.

'Cherrystones is the real deal; intense, passionate and very funny' - Alan McGee.

▲ Sean Forbes

Rough Trade legend and Record Shop Dude Sean Forbes will be playing some GREAT records at this show. Check out this great Stool Pigeon interview with Sean here:


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